If you’re looking for a T-Shirt mockup, there’s defiantly a lot to choose from on the web. To make it easier, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in our Top 10 T-Shirt Mockups. If you’re searching for a T-Shirt mockup for your designs, read on.

The Best Photoshop T-Shirt Mockups

10. Urban Edition T-Shirt Mockup

We love the look of this urban mockup. It comes with 30 different templates in different settings, various textures and customisable colour options.


09. Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

This T-Shirt Photoshop mockup set is unique as it features the shirts on hangers. You’re able to display one or two shirts hanging at a time. Easily editable and all designs come in 300 DPI.


08. Creative T-Shirt Mockup Set

This set comes with 7 PSD files, with changable backgrounds, colors, necks, hangers, shadows and more. Photorealistic and comes in high resolution 300 DPI files (4320 x 2880 px)


07. Infinity Color T-Shirt Mockups

We love this set as you get to display your design work on folded shirts. Not only that, but the t-shirts feature fully editable colours and backgrounds, tags, and come in 8 different scenes. They also feature displacement map giving a very realistic end result.


06. 100 Kid’s T-Shirt Mockup Bundle

This set is ideal for showcasing kids clothing. The bundle comes with 100 different template files in various locations. Fully layered, these are very easy to edit. Displacement maps means your designs fit to the curves and creases of the shirts themselves creating a very realistic look.


05. T-Shirt Mockup Master Collection

This set comes with 545 different textures in multiple formats and a wide range of T-Shirt designs.


04. T-Shirt Mockup Premium Bundle

Coming in at number 4 is this premium mockup bundle featuring 60 different T-Shirt mockups modelled by 6 different models. Fully layered, these are easily editable in Photoshop with minimal editing skills.


03. Ultimate T-Shirt Mockup Set

This mockup set includes no less than 500 mockups! That’s a tremendous deal considering how many assets you get for one price. Featuring 8 different models in 4K resolution, there’s bound to be something you’re looking for.


02. T-Shirt Mockup Set

We think this is one of the best T-Shirt mockup set currently available. Not only is this a premium quality mockup, but it comes with both female and male models showing off the designs in different environments. There are 10 studio mockups and 6 street ones. That’s a decent combination to choose from.


01. T-Shirt Mockup (Female Model)

When it comes to mockups, not many come as good as this. Not only do you get 21 different mockups, but the quality of the photography and various poses are amazing. This is our number 1 T-Shirt Photoshop Mockup set currently available.


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