Multi Apple Devices Photoshop Mockups

We love the elegance of these Apple device mockups. Minimalist, versatile and very easy to use within Photoshop due to the multi device scene creator. This Photoshop mockup set enables you to create a variety of mockups within one Photoshop file, making it ideal for showcasing responsive website design projects.

The scene creator features 4 Apple devices: desktop (iMac), laptop (Macbook), phone (iPhone X) and tablet (iPad) and a host of customisation options like device colours, iPad orientation, shadow and glare directions and much more.

Whether you want a simple iMac mockup or you need to display a website design across a variety of formats, this Photoshop mockup set has you covered. Plus, the different device colours ensure that you can select the perfect device that enhances your designs perfectly.

The scene creator uses smart layers, so you can insert your own designs into the screen placeholders easily.

Customisation features:

  • Choice of 4 devices: desktop (iMac), laptop (Macbook), phone (iPhone X) and tablet (iPad)
  • Choice of a variety of colours for the devices
  • Customise the background to any colour you want with the option to add a texture layer, or choose from the 4 supplied background textures.
  • Customise the direction of screen glare or toggle off completely
  • Choose the direction of the shadows (left or right)
  • There is also the option to have the devices reflected in the surface. This reflection can be toggled on or off or adjusted to suit your design.

  • File Types: PSD
  • File Size: 206.63
  • Compatible with: Photoshop
  • DPI: 300
  • Resolution: 5000 x 3333
  • Layered
  • Help File Included