Frequently Asked Questions


What are Mockups?

Mockups are pre-made designs that make it very simple to insert your own images and have a professionally created image showcasing an app, game, website, product, etc. The hard work has been done for you by the designer. Simply add your own images to pre-made mockups and stun your audience with the results.

What kind of Photoshop mockups do you advertise?

We showcase a vast range of Photoshop mockups to be used with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These include photorealistic pre-made mockups (iPhone X, Macbook Pro, for example) as well as designs created for professional purposes (Think magazines, brochures, etc).

Are all your mockup templates free?

We showcase a range of free as well as premium mockups. These are indicated by a badge showing if the mockup is free to download or a purchase is required. Some designers give away mockups to gain more visibility to their work, though often, premium mockups are sold for a small charge.

What software do I need to edit the mockups?

You will need Creative Cloud’s Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to view, edit and modify the mockup templates. On each mockup page, you will see in the sidebar what software is required.

How do I edit the mockups?

All Photoshop mockups showcased use smart layers, allowing for easy editing. Simply click the layer marked ‘Replace image here (or similar), replace with your own image and save. It’s that easy. For a more detailed guide, click here.

Illustrator mockups require a bit more knowledge of the Creative Cloud software to be able to edit, though allow a lot more flexibility in what can be edited. Please refer to the individual mockup page for more information.